Active filter design software adjusts circuit on opamp

Startscreen of AktivFilter 3.3, small

With the software AktivFilter 3.3 by SoftwareDidaktik you can design active filters which are tuned on the operational amplifier type which you want to use in your circuit. Thus, a manual adjustment of the designed filter circuit becomes superfluous. AktivFilter 3.3 is easy to use and is able to design active bandpass filters, highpass filters, lowpass filters, and notch filters.

Furthermore, this tool is able to optimize the component values of the filter circuit with the standard series (E12, E24, E48, E96, or E192) of the component values (capacitors and resistors). For many applications AktivFilter enables you to use inexpensive opamp types instead of expensive ones. Developers of audio electronics, e.g. studio and high-end equipment, can also profit from AktivFilter, as this program supports some high-quality audio opamps.

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